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The event was commemorated with a larger than usual bomb symbol and the number '100'. After taking part in the Battle of the Bulge, the Group moved again ' settling in the French fortress city of Metz on 15 February 1945. We were unable to feather the crippled engine and we were getting much vibration and had to reduce power to keep the vibration to limits. Prada Hobo Python. Adjutant aviator Constantin Boghlan, a pilot assigned to Escadrila 41 asalt, slides into the cramped cockpit of the Hs 129. Six more engines were destroyed and a train loaded with Junkers Ju 88 fuselages was shot up at the Neufchateau marshaling yards on 28 August. The British bombers were met by a well-organized Geiinan defense which usually claimed several bombers during cach raid. Prada Hobo Python.

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